J.A. Jaken (jajakenfiction) wrote,
J.A. Jaken

Love Bytes Review

The Magician's Apprentice was recently reviewed on the Love Bytes (LGBTQ Book Reviews) blog and received 4.5 stars!!! I'm so happy with the success this book has been having. Over a month in and it's still in the top 10 in LGBT fantasy on Amazon! I put so much into this story over so many years, it's wonderful beyond words to be having this experience now.

>> Read the Review here.

For those of you who are wondering, the Dragon Mage Chronicles will be released soon as well. I'm doing a final editing of the books and hope to be releasing them very soon.

Thanks again to everyone who has offered me so much support and encouragement in my writing over the years. You all are an amazing group of people. :)

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