J.A. Jaken (jajakenfiction) wrote,
J.A. Jaken

Paperback now available! (and my first review)

I have a couple of things to announce today. First of all, the paperback version of Firedrake is now available in the Amazon store! Here is the link where you can find it:

     Buy Link (paperback): getBook.at/DMC3_pb

And here are the links where you can find the ebook versions:

     Buy Link (Kindle ebook): getBook.at/DMC3_Kindle
     Buy Link (Smashwords ebook): https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1024053

Secondly, the book has received its first review: 5 stars on the Making It Happen book review blog! Click here to read it:


If you're not familiar with the Dragon Mage Chronicles m/m fantasy series, you can find more info about it here: bit.ly/DragonMageChronicles

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