March 3rd, 2020


STORMDRAKE is now available in paperback!

I'm a little late with the announcement, but Stormdrake is now available in paperback!!! In case you missed the original announcement, this is the first book in my m/m fantasy series titled the Dragon Mage Chronicles, which continues the adventures of Jander and Andrei that began in The Magician's Apprentice. The two men are sent to the provincial city of Tempest on their first mission together as master and apprentice, where they are tasked with solving a mystery surrounding a terrifying and hostile dragon. Along the way they'll find new friends and old, romance and mystery, betrayals and sacrifice, strange new magic, and the whisperings of what may be a plot against the kingdom of Corascia itself.

Here are the links where you can find it:

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Find more info about the Dragon Mage Chronicles series on my website here.