April 3rd, 2020



I've been working hard on the final edits for Seadrake, book II in the Dragon Mage Chronicles. This one has been really tricky to get right because it revolves a lot around Jander's growing understanding of his abilities and the evolution of the conflict with Kirin. I need to pack a lot of information into the story without making it seem dry or overwhelming, so it's essential to get the pacing just right. Lots of rewrites for this one as I go back and tweak it here and there. But I'm definitely getting close!

A new review for Stormdrake was just posted on the Making It Happen book review blog. 4.5 stars! https://moonangel23.blogspot.com/2020/04/book-review-stormdrake-by-ja-jaken.html

I hope you are all adjusting well to the current lockdowns in your areas (or variations thereof) and managing to stay happy and productive. One of my friends at work shared something he saw posted to his Facebook that made me smile: "Introverts, put down your books and call your extrovert friends to check on them. They are not doing okay." It's so true! :D My best friend from high school is my polar opposite and a complete extrovert, and we have been on the phone together almost constantly because she is going stir crazy with the recent stay at home order that was issued. I'm perfectly happy curling up with a book or playing games with my son inside the house, but some people are finding this situation a real trial. :(

Big hugs to all of you. Stay safe!