April 20th, 2020


SEADRAKE is now available for preorder!!

Drumroll please....

Seadrake, Book II in The Dragon Mage Chronicles, is now available for preorder! The official release date is May 8, 2020. Currently it is available in ebook format through both Kindle and Smashwords. A paperback version of the novel is in the works as well and should be available very soon.

     Buy Link (Kindle ebook): getBook.at/DMC2_Kindle

     Buy Link (Smashwords ebook): https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1016789

This book was definitely a labor of love to complete. I lost count of the number of rewrites I did on certain passages, but the hard work was totally worth it. I am so very happy with the end result! The ebook itself is gorgeous, and I think the story flows beautifully now from the beginning to the very end. I can't wait to hold the paperback version of it in my hands. ^_^

This second book in The Dragon Mage Chronicles gives Jander and Andrei a chance to delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the troubles they encountered in the city of Tempest, and to learn more about the dragons' unanticipated reemergence into the world. There are harrowing escapes and cryptic encounters, monsters at sea and uncertain allies, as well as a healthy dose of magic, adventure, and m/m romance. I also took the opportunity to explore Kirin's character in more depth, and to shade in some parts of his past leading into the final two books in the series.

If you haven't read the prequel to the Chronicles series yet, you can find more information about it here: The Magician's Apprentice. The prequel is a m/m fantasy novel that begins the story of Jander Teregnan, a young man gifted in manipulating the strange energy his people know as magic. On the road far from home, he arrives in the capital city of Vallerin with the hope of finding a master who will be able to help him understand the arcane forces he can sense and interact with, but not reliably control. Once there, with the help of his loyal companion Gabrielle, he embarks on a journey that leads him into adventure, intrigue, danger, and romance as he becomes caught up in an adventure that will determine not only his fate, but the fate of his entire kingdom.

Seadrake (Dragon Mage Chronicles Book II)
by J.A. Jaken
Novel (67,000 words)
Genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure, M/M Romance

After much deliberation, Andrei chooses to bring his inexperienced and highly unusual apprentice to the far-off island of Sutan-lei, where the eminent mage-scholar Master Luth is rumored to abide. It is Andrei's hope that Master Luth will have answers to the growing mystery he and Jander began to uncover in the city of Tempest as well as help his apprentice gain some degree of mastery over his unique--and highly unpredictable--prowess in the magic. But even as they struggle to piece together the puzzle in front of them, their enemy is close behind them every step of the way...and he is determined not to let the two of them get in his way.