May 8th, 2020


It's release day!!!

Seadrake, Book II in the Dragon Mage Chronicles, is now available! You can pick up your copy here:

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The Dragon Mage Chronicles is a m/m fantasy series in which Jander Teregnan, a young man gifted with an unpredictable ability to use magic, sets out to find a master to train him and eventually ends up falling in love with Andrei Teresh, the master mage of the capital city of Vallerin. The two of them set out on numerous adventures together as they explore a sudden uprising of dragons within their kingdom, and try to unravel the mysteries surrounding Andrei's former apprentice, a disturbed and dangerous young man named Kirin. Along the way they make a number of close friends as well as bitter enemies, struggling to survive as they seek to pursue their relationship not only as lovers, but as master and apprentice.

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Praise for the Dragon Mage Chronicles:

"This is an amazing m/m romance. The author has sucked me into this world and now I sit here awaiting the next series."

"The author continues to impress by poignant characters and generally creating scenes that are succinct absent excessive elaboration. Almost every page draws the reader into the story creating a pleasurable reading experience. Now, this is someone who knows their craft!!"

"Absolutely amazing! I love magic and dragons and this was perfect. I'm buying the Dragon Mage Chronicles right now. Ecstatic to continue the journey...."

"This author is, I believe, amongst the best in this genre and I have never been disappointed with any of his/her books. If you're into magic, mages, mm romance and dragons, this is the book for you. I thoroughly recommend it."

"This book kept me at the edge of my seat, rooting for the good guys to persevere."

"I loved this book. Romance and adventure abound from beginning to end. Highly recommended!"

"I was completely pulled into this world the author created, and can't wait to follow Jander and Andrei on the rest of their adventures."

Seadrake (Dragon Mage Chronicles Book II)
by J.A. Jaken

Novel (67,000 words)
Genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure, M/M Romance

After much deliberation, Andrei chooses to bring his inexperienced and highly unusual apprentice to the far-off island of Sutan-lei, where the eminent mage-scholar Master Luth is rumored to abide. It is Andrei's hope that Master Luth will have answers to the growing mystery he and Jander began to uncover in the city of Tempest as well as help his apprentice gain some degree of mastery over his unique—and highly unpredictable—prowess in the magic. But even as they struggle to piece together the puzzle in front of them, their enemy is close behind them every step of the way...and he is determined not to let the two of them get in his way.

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