J.A. Jaken (jajakenfiction) wrote,
J.A. Jaken


Just a note that I will be pushing out updates to Through the Last Door and Eater of Dreams on Kindle soon, to prepare for the upcoming release of The Soul Forge. There have been minor editorial changes to each book to make the formatting more consistent across the series (for example, mage classifications were capitalized in one book and not in the next), and also the new title has been added to the series list at the beginning of each book. I also re-proofread them and corrected a couple of typos that I found.

So be sure to download the new updates if you don't have automatic updates turned on, to ensure that you'll have the fullest experience while reading these stories. You can expect to see the updates within the next couple of days.

The Soul Forge will be released on Monday, April 30th, although it will be available for preorder prior to that date. I'm also planning some promotions and giveaways throughout the month, so you'll have an opportunity to win some free books! I'll post more information here as it becomes available.

I'm really excited about this newest book in the series. I can't wait to share it! :)

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